Terms and Conditions

RJM Cleaning Services will be referred to as RJM throughout our Terms and Conditions.

1. By accepting our quotation you agree to be bound by RJM terms and

2. Should you wish to cancel RJM services please do so in writing by way of letter or e- mail. It is your responsibility to ensure RJM receives your cancellation request. RJM is not responsible for any communication that is lost in the post. RJM will acknowledge your cancellation request in writing to the address/e-mail address provided. To contact RJM by email Click Here or chat us.

3. If you cancel RJM services on the day of your scheduled clean/upon arrival at your property then RJM reserve the right to charge 50% of the total price payable for your clean.

4. To clean windows at the rear of your property RJM operatives need to have access, therefore your gate/garage should be unlocked. Please supply us with your phone number so RJM can ring or send a text the night before a clean. If RJM operatives cannot get access to the rear of the property they will only clean what is accessible from the front of your property and 75% of price total price payable for your clean will be charged.

5. RJM operates 52 weeks per annum therefore RJM may clean your windows during inclement weather. RJM reserves the right to decide if the window cleaning services should be carried out or abandoned. Rain does not affect the quality of your clean. If you or your representative request our operatives cease cleaning prior to commencing, RJM reserves the right to charge 50% of the total amount payable for your clean.

6. If you are not satisfied with our service or cleaning results please contact the RJM office within 48 hours from date of clean. You can call us on 07903984997 or, if you prefer, you can put your complaint in writing to our office via letter, e- mail or by using our Contact Page. An operative will respond and rectify the issue to your satisfaction within 48 hours. If any complaint is proven to not be as a result of our service provided, RJM reserves the right to charge a call out charge of £10. RJM does not accept responsibility for any complaints that are made after 48 hours from date of initial clean. It is your responsibility to ensure RJM acknowledges your complaint and that you obtain a reference number relating to your complaint.

7. In accordance with Health & Safety policy RJM request that all small children and pets are kept inside the property whilst our operatives are cleaning your windows. All items of garden furniture/household items/plant pots and any other obstacles should be away from the windows to allow reasonable access
for RJM operatives to perform their duties. The area should be free from any kind of animal excrement.

8. RJM operatives will clean all windows where possible, however any windows that are inaccessible or unsafe will not be cleaned.

9. In the event of any accident RJM will instruct an Insurance Assessor to investigate the root cause of the accident. RJM will not accept liability for any accident deemed out of RJM control that has occurred as a result of fittings or glass already damaged arising from faulty construction, poorly maintained windows or conservatory roofs and the customer will be liable for any repair or out of pocket expenses.

10. RJM will not accept liability for water damage to the property or items within said property caused as a result of windows being left open prior to a clean or due to damaged windows or frames causing leakage into the property.

11. RJM and all RJM operatives are comprehensively insured under our Public Liability Insurance Policy. For more information please contact us.

12. Prior to commencing any work on Commercial Outlets a full Risk Assessment/Method Statement will be carried out and recorded in line with both RJM and the customers H&S Policies. Available to view on request.

13. Payment for RJM services must be made within 14 days from date of clean.
Payment can be made either by Cash, BACS, or Paypal.

14. RJM reserves the right to charge £2.50 for late payments. If payment exceeds 30 days a late payment charge of £10 will be added to your account to compensate for all types of communication required to collect payment. If after 45 days despite attempts to recover the outstanding amount due the account remains in arrears, RJM reserves the right to pass this account over to our legal department and to proceed with court action to recover all outstanding debts, legal costs and any added expense incurred with regards to this debt.

15. RJM collects data from our customers in the form of Name, Address,Telephone Numbers and Email Address. This information is strictly for the use of RJM for communication purposes. At no time will your data ever be sold or passed on to 3rd parties. We respect our customers’ privacy and this
information is kept in line with data protection regulations at all times.

16. RJM operatives/representatives will remain polite, courteous, reliable, uniformed and professional at all times. If any representative of RJM fails to adhere to this code of conduct you are to report this immediately to the RJM office in writing by letter or email. This in turn will be investigated internally and RJM will keep the customer informed of the outcome of their investigation.